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Tormos, R., i Akaliyski, P. "A Rejoinder to the Stability Thesis. Reconsidering Cohort Succession's Actual Role on Aggregate Social Change".

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Muñoz, J., i Tormos, R. "Framing Support for Renewable Energy Power Plants under NIMBY Conditions. A Survey Experiment". Link al pre-registre.

Muñoz, J., Rodon, T., i Tormos, R. "How Conditional is Support from Hosts Based on Applicants Background Characteristics? A Survey Experiment".

Muñoz, J., i Tormos, R. "Social Choice and the Self-Determination Debate: Evaluating Alternative Methods for Preference Aggregation in Catalonia". Link a la presentació.

​Galais, C., i Tormos, R. "The Politicisation of the Conceptions of Good Citizenship? The Catalan Case"

Rudnev, M., i Tormos, R. "Personality Traits and Human Values"

Sortheix, F., i Tormos, R. "Personal Economic Grievances and their Implications for Values"

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